Your Guide to Summer Pests

It is safe to say that we all love summer; it’s a beautiful time of year in these parts. Although it seems very short, handling insect-centred pest issues can make it seem longer, but maybe not in a good way. Still, pests happen, so here is a little insight as to how to deal with them.

Vancouver has its share of pests. Once the weather allows, pests come calling. The best way to deal with pests is to prevent them or avoid them. Although it is not possible to 100% prevent pests, there are ways to mitigate infestations or minimize pest issues.

One of the first things you need to do is to establish a basic understanding:

  • Identify the common summer pests in this area
  • Learn how to deal with them
  • Learn about preventative measures
  • Visit resource links

Some Common Pests


Ants spend the summer months building colonies and seeking food and water. Many times, they find it in your home. There are many kinds of ants, and there is no one solution. Different ants require different measures. It is best to bring in an expert. Carpenter ants are a particular problem as they can damage building structures. The sooner you bring in a professional to manage the situation, the better.


Although helpful in keeping insect populations controlled, spiders multiply, becoming most plentiful during the summer months. In the right circumstance, they can bite and cause irritation or an allergic reaction.


In the summer months, earwigs do enter structures during prolonged warm, dry periods in order to find more moist shelter to survive. Although not harmful to humans, they are a nuisance due to their abundant presence.


Fleas are a real concern for pet owners. They are parasitic, living on the blood of the host animal. Their populations vary dramatically from year to year, and even though they are a year-round pest, they are more prevalent during the summer months. Your pets will bring them into the home since they spend more time out of doors.


Mosquitos are a persistent problem during the summer around the home. Their bites aren’t just itchy; they also spread diseases like West Nile Virus, Malaria, and encephalitis, among others. Although summertime is prime time, mosquitos are most active in shady areas or on overcast days, avoiding the hot sun, which dries them out and is a lethal condition for them.

Wasps & Hornets

Mostly showing up in late summer to fall, wasps and hornets (which are a type of wasp) live by the thousands in colonies that are frequently close to, or clinging to your home or office building. Their sting causes significant pain and even death for those who are allergic. Wasps are another one of those helpful pests that do control other insect populations, but you don’t want them on your patio.

Dealing with Pests

There are basically three things to remember when dealing with summer pests:

  1. Be prepared by “pest proofing” your home or office year-round. The best defence in keeping them outside is preventative measures.
  2. Look to the professionals. Schedule treatment services annually. You may try it by buying a product and doing it yourself, but when you have an expert address it, they know what to look for and know how to address it.
  3. Act right away. Deal with it as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more costly and time-consuming the process becomes. Contact a professional.

Seaside Pest Control Will Rid Your Summer of Pests

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