Indian Meal Moth

Indian Meal Moth Extermination

The Indian meal moth is a very common household pest, feeding principally on stored food products. In fact, it has been called the most important pest of stored products commonly found in British Columbia homes or grocery stores. The larvae are general feeders and can be found in grain products, seeds, dried fruit, dog food, and spices.  This insect is found in a wide range of climates in stored products and food storage facilities around the world. It is very common in Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley area, where it also lives successfully outdoors.

Elimination and exclusion are key elements in controlling pest populations of this moth. If a population is discovered, all infested food must either be discarded or treated. Any susceptible food source should be placed in sealed containers. Dog food and bird seed usually are overlooked as infestation sites, and these items should also be kept in sealed containers.