Seaside Pest Control is here for all of your pest abatement needs, but ideally, your pest problem doesn’t get to a point where you need to call the professionals. Nobody likes to have pests in their homes or likes to pay someone to have to deal with them. While our team is always happy to help, we understand the pride that goes along with solving problems on your own as well as the cost effectiveness that accompanies this. From effective pest barrier techniques to knowing natural repellents for common pests and sustainable pest prevention, Seaside Pest Control is here to support you in all of your pest abatement needs. Start with these simple pest prevention hacks, and see if you can’t keep the professionals out of it!

Plants as Pest Control

Perhaps the most sustainable pest prevention for those looking for natural repellents for common pests is to get some household plants. Chrysanthemums keep ants, bed bugs, beetles, and roaches at bay. In addition to smelling good, lavender is disliked by fleas, flies, moths, and mosquitos. Basil, rosemary, and spearmint are good herbs for cooking and also effective turnoffs for ants, beetles, fleas, moths, slugs, snails, and some rodents.

Identify and Fix Exterior Gaps

One of the best pest-resistant home practices is to identify and fix any exterior entry points. Junction points – windows, trim and siding, foundation and frame, etc. – are likely areas of weakness in your home. Between each season it is a good idea to walk around your home and double-check all of these potential pest entry points. If you do find gaps, fill them with copper mesh, expanding foam sealant, caulk, or weather stripping for the most effective pest barrier techniques.

Keep Spiders Away

The best way to keep your indoor spider population down is to keep a 40% humidity level in your home (with the help of a dehumidifier) while cleaning up cobwebs as you notice them. As with any problem, it is best to stay on top of it in real-time than to let it compound and become a much bigger issue. Of course not all spiders are bad, and it is important to understand that some pests are good to have on hand…

Let the Good Ones Be

That’s right! Some “pests” are quite beneficial to have in and around your home. While we are not endorsing you to welcome all spiders and insects, there is room for some. Bats, if left on the outside of your home, are highly efficient at keeping the insect population manageable. If you have bats in your eaves, consider buying bat houses and encouraging them to take up a new residence. Spiders, of course, can keep other insects down as well.

Keep Tidy and Avoid Clutter

Of all these simple pest prevention hacks, perhaps the easiest is also the most intuitive. Pests of all shapes and sizes thrive in messy homes with a lot of clutter and places to hide. By simply keeping a clean house you will discourage pests of all types from also wanting to call it home. This is especially imperative in the dark, damp corners of your house (think basements, crawlspaces, and bathrooms) where it is also most common to let clutter develop. Stay ahead of the mess and you will stay ahead of the pests as well.

While these simple pest prevention hacks are a good place to start, sometimes it isn’t enough. When our pest-resistant home practices are not keeping the bugs and rodents away, it may be time to call the professionals. Lucky for you, Seaside Pest Control has decades of experience with all types of pests and infestations. Give our team a call for more tips and suggestions or to get some expert boots on the ground as soon as possible. We’re always here for you!