Pest Exterminators in Chilliwack

A city that is known for its locally-grown corn. Chilliwack is located approximately an hour’s drive from Vancouver. It is historically an agricultural community. The city is surrounded by mountains and recreational areas such as Cultus Lake. It attracts a lot of visitors especially in the summer months for lots of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and mountain biking.

With all the farmland that surrounds Chilliwack, as a resident, you may find antsbed bugsmice, rats and even cockroaches in your home or business that are disturbing your peace and trying to invade your property.

Pest Control in Chilliwack

Our professional pest team in Chilliwack is fully certified and trained to deal with all kinds of pests from insects and bugs to rodents and raccoons. Seaside Pest Control provides quick and safe pest removal services that will free your property from unwanted pests.

We specialize in both commercial and residential pest control. Every property is unique, therefore, Seaside Pest Control provides customized solutions for every client. Let us help you! Contact us today and get a free quote.