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Ensuring a home remains pest-free requires a proactive and comprehensive pest control Coquitlam BC residents swear by, focusing on both the interior spaces and external access points. Seaside Pest Control’s Interior Treatment is designed to eliminate and prevent the recurrence of pests in critical areas of your home. Starting with the most common problem areas, such as under sinks and behind toilets, our certified technicians apply liquid products to eliminate pests and deter their return. We also target underneath appliances, where pests often nest and breed, ensuring these hidden spots receive as much attention as more accessible areas.

Additionally, we focus on sealing potential entry points and treating all baseboards throughout your home. This creates a thorough barrier that intercepts pests attempting to invade your living spaces, providing a foundational layer of protection that is crucial for long-term pest management. 

Complementing our interior pest control Coquitlam BC, our de-webbing service tackles external threats. Utilizing extension poles capable of reaching up to 24 feet, our team diligently removes cobwebs and nests from the eaves, rooflines, doorways, and porches. This not only addresses immediate concerns like spider and wasp nests, but also prevents future infestations by disrupting potential breeding grounds.

Coverage extends to bushes, foundations, light fixtures, and garages, ensuring that all potential pest harborage areas around your property are managed. The combination of Seaside Pest Control’s Interior Treatments and de-webbing Service offers a dual approach that secures both the inside and outside of your home against pests. 


Coquitlam Pest Control Solutions

Protecting a home from pests starts with securing the base and extending defenses outward to cover all possible points of entry. At Seaside Pest Control, our Foundation Treatment plays a critical role in this strategy by applying a liquid product around the home’s foundation. This Coquitlam pest control strategy targets key areas such as doorways, window sills, and exterior light fixtures, places where pests are most likely to enter. By creating a barrier along these points, we effectively block the common pathways pests use to infiltrate homes. The treatment also extends to pipe chases and other structural vulnerabilities, ensuring that no potential entry is overlooked.

This establishes a 6-foot perimeter of defense around the home. This not only deters pests from approaching the foundation, but also reduces the likelihood of them finding a nearby foothold to eventually breach the primary barrier. We offer this comprehensive treatment solution for a wide range of pests, including various species of ants, such as Carpenter ants, Pavement ants, Pharaoh ants, fire ants, and other ants.

Ultimately, combining our Foundation Treatment with the Extended Barrier Treatment provides a robust defense against pests. This layered approach ensures that from the ground up, every potential entry point is secured, offering homeowners peace of mind and a significantly reduced risk of pest intrusion. 

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Exterminator Coquitlam BC Locals Can Depend On​

Choosing the best exterminator Coquitlam BC has to offer is essential for ensuring your home is protected throughout the year from a variety of pests. Seaside Pest Control offers a structured suite of quarterly subscriptions designed to cater to different levels of need, ensuring homeowners can find a plan that suits their specific situation. These pest control treatment plans include the following:

Pest Pro

This plan covers a comprehensive array of pests both inside and outside the home. It includes treatment for common indoor pests like mice, rats, ants, and spiders, as well as outdoor pests such as millipedes and sow bugs.

This plan provides four treatments per year, ensuring each season begins with your home secured against pests. However, it excludes more complex infestations such as carpenter ants and fire ants, which require specialized treatment approaches.

Pest Advantage

This treatment plan includes everything from the Pest Pro Plan, delivering enhanced protection against common pests, comprehensive rodent monitoring and specialized treatments for elite pests. Customers also benefit from a 5% discount on any additional pest control services. With treatments scheduled four times a year, this plan guarantees your property stays pest-free throughout all seasons.

Pest Elite

Includes all the benefits of the previous plans, but also addresses pests requiring more aggressive management strategies, such as cockroaches and various species of ants. The Pest Elite Plan also offers seven treatments per year, providing the most thorough protection available.

All in all, Seaside Pest Control’s pest control plans are meticulously designed to provide scalable solutions to pest control. From basic pest prevention to comprehensive protection against a broad spectrum of pests, our exterminator Coquitlam BC locals swear by, ensure that your home remains a safe and comfortable environment throughout the year.