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Effective pest control Abbotsford BC locals deserve, involves a comprehensive approach, addressing both the exterior and interior areas where pests are most likely to intrude and settle. At Seaside Pest Control, our Extended Barrier Treatment is meticulously designed to fortify the perimeter of your home. By applying a mix of liquid and granular products, we establish a robust 6-foot barrier around the property that effectively wards off any potential invaders, securing the exterior from various pests. The effectiveness of this barrier is enhanced through regular monitoring and reapplication, ensuring consistent protection against new and emerging pest threats.

Complementing the exterior pest removal Abbotsford BC residents swear by, our Interior Treatment targets critical areas inside the home. Our certified technicians focus on places prone to pest activity, such as under sinks, behind toilets, and underneath appliances—common breeding grounds for pests. By treating these areas, we ensure no hiding spot is left unchecked. Additionally, we enhance this protection by sealing entry points and treating all baseboards, further barricading your home against unwanted guests. This dual approach to pest removal Abbotsford BC locals trust, not only addresses visible issues, but also preemptively stops pests at potential entry points, providing a comprehensive shield against infestation.

Seaside Pest Control ensures your home is a fortress against pests, with rigorous protection strategies both inside and out. Through our Extended Barrier and Interior Treatments, we offer peace of mind, knowing every potential entry and nesting area is secured and keeping your living space safe and pest-free. With ongoing support and scheduled services, we maintain a pest-free environment, allowing you to enjoy a secure and comfortable home year-round.


Abbotsford Pest Control Services

Maintaining a clean and secure home requires meticulous attention to both visible and hidden areas where pests may harbor and invade. Our team’s comprehensive approach to pest management begins with our de-webbing Service, which utilizes extension poles that reach up to 24 feet. Our certified technicians meticulously clear away cobwebs and nests from eaves, rooflines, doorways, and porches. This preventive measure not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home, but also eliminates potential nesting sites for spiders and wasps.

This Abbotsford pest control service extends to patios, bushes, foundations, light fixtures, and garages—ensuring that every corner where webs might be found is addressed. Removing these webs reduces the likelihood of future pest invasions by disrupting the living spaces of pests before they become a larger issue.

In conjunction with our de-webbing efforts, the Foundation Treatment further safeguards your home. We apply a specialized liquid product around the foundation, doorways, window sills, and other critical entry points, which creates a barrier that pests cannot cross and effectively prevents them from gaining entry into your home. 

Special attention is given to areas like exterior light fixtures and pipe chases, which are common entry points for pests. By treating these areas with our Abbotsford pest control services, we block access from the outside, significantly reducing the chances of an infestation.

Seaside Pest Control ensures your home remains both beautiful and free from pests. Our dual strategy of de-webbing and Foundation Treatments provides a thorough defense against potential invaders, making your home a less hospitable place for pests and a more comfortable, secure environment for you and your family. This proactive approach is part of our commitment to delivering effective and reliable pest control solutions.  We also provide Aldergrove pest control services and Burnaby pest control services. 

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Seaside Pest Control offers three distinct Quarterly Service Plans, each designed to meet different levels of pest management needs.

Pest Pro

Provides a foundational level of protection, covering a broad range of common indoor pests like mice, rats, ants, and spiders, as well as outdoor pests including millipedes and pill bugs. This plan includes our web removal service using extension poles that can reach up to 24 feet, essential for managing spider populations effectively.

Service under this plan is conducted four times a year, ensuring each season begins with a pest-free start. However, here our exterminator excludes treatment for more resilient species such as carpenter ants and fire ants, which require specialized attention.

Pest Advantage

This treatment plan includes everything in Pest Pro with advanced coverage for all general pests, rodent monitoring and select elite pests. Also, customers receive a 5% discount on add-on control services. Service under this plan is conducted four times a year, ensuring each season begins with a pest-free start!

Pest Elite

Is our most comprehensive package. Our exterminator Abbotsford BC locals swear by, includes all the pests listed in Pest Pro and Pest Advantage, plus treatment for more challenging infestations like cockroaches and carpenter ants. Similar to Pest Advantage, this plan offers seven treatments a year, maximizing the level of protection throughout the seasons and especially during peak pest activity in the summer.

Seaside Pest Control’s treatment plans are tailored to provide varying levels of pest control, allowing you to choose the service that best fits your needs. From basic pest management to advanced protection against hard-to-treat species, our plans ensure that your environment remains safe and comfortable all year round.