Squirrel Infestation

The nesting of Squirrels within your home or building can cause tremendous issues and hazards. Squirrels are known to chew through electrical wires which can result in a fire hazard. Their nesting materials also contain other insects. It could lead to infestation of parasites such as Ticks, Mites and Fleas. It’s in their known behavior to gather up bundles of food. They collect it, bring it to the nest and save it for later. Squirrels leave their droppings around a perimeter in order to establish their territories. If you have a large mess left behind, it definitely needs to be cleaned and sanitized. Household chemicals are not powerful enough to clean it up. We provide high PSI pressure washing solutions to cleanup the largest messes.

you’ll need Seaside Pest Control to protect your property. We can provide you the necessary proofing & exclusion solutions to meet your needs. At Seaside, we are proud to inform you that the installation of squirrel one-way traps is one of our specialties. Our highly trained experts will monitor each area of your property. We can figure out where the animals are entering from and seal up any current or future potential entry-ways. It is imperative to understand that you should have the right company by your side to seal things up. Your squirrel problems will only continue to grow If strategically placed one-way traps are not setup.

Feel free to call us anytime for all your pest control needs, including squirrels control and prevention. We are just a phone call away.