Pine Seed Bugs

Pine Seed Bug Infestation

An adult pine seed bug is about 15 to 20 mm long. It’s body can vary in color from reddish-brown to greyish-brown with white markings. A key identifying feature is a white zigzag like line across the mid wings and alternating dark and white patches on both sides of the abdomen.

The best way to detect the presence of pine seed bugs is to look for them on nearby pine trees. They often crawl on pinecones between late morning and early evening looking for a meal. The pests also tend to gather on home exteriors around windows or doors in the fall as they seek to enter indoors. These insects are good at finding openings to enter a home, so repair or replace any ill-fitted screens, doors, and windows to keep them outside. Sealing gaps around these areas may also stop pine seed bugs from invading.

Despite the fact that they do not bite or sting, large numbers of pine seed bugs indoors are still a nuisance to homeowners. When disturbed, these pests release a strong, almond-like odor. Outside, when in large numbers, they can cause serious harm to a pine forest by eating seeds. For treatment against these bugs, contact our professionals at Seaside Pest Control at +1 877 663 3494.