Cluster Flies

Pest Removal: Cluster Flies

Cluster flies are capable of crawling through small openings in the walls of a structure. These flies enter homes looking for overwintering sites during the cold months. Cluster flies prefer warm areas, so homeowners often find them flying around houses on sunny days in the winter and late fall months.

These living spaces enter by way of electrical outlets or baseboards. The pests take shelter in attics and walls to hibernate. While staying there, they wait for the arrival of warmer spring weather. On sunny winter days, the wall voids may become warm and the cluster flies will try to move toward light. Although cluster flies are observed buzzing and congregating at windows, screens may prove ineffective in preventing their entrance.

Cluster flies do not carry diseases and will not cause extensive damage to homes. These annoying pests may darken walls or windows with their droppings. The pests may attract other insects if they die inside the wall voids. Large numbers of the flies often congregate on windows and inside ceiling light fixtures, making them a nuisance to residents.

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