Boxelder Bug

Pest: Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs are attracted to cool temperatures and warm sunny side houses. They cluster in warm areas on siding and roofs to make their way indoors. Once inside, they hibernate through fall and winter. These pests may enter homes and buildings through cracks in window frames, gaps and crevices and tears in screen doors.

Like many overwintering pests, the most startling signs are when they invade in staggering numbers. Some other signs of infestation from box elder bugs include buzzing sounds, dropping stains and odour released when crushed. Their droppings are unsightly and leave stains that are difficult to remove. Their presence is bothersome due to the scent they emit when crushed and their tendency to fly around living spaces. They may emerge from walls when heat sources within the building are high and they can be located in the warmest areas of a structure’s walls.

Boxelder bugs do not nest indoors year-round. During winters, they do not feed or reproduce, while in warmer seasons, they make their homes in box elder maple and ash trees. Contact our professionals at Seaside Pest Control to address the infestation and remove these bugs in a safe, yet effective method.