Summer is in full swing, and while this is many people’s favourite time of year it doesn’t come without its challenges. As a homeowner or renter, you may have already noticed an increase in insects and pests in your home as the seasons have changed. Thankfully, Seaside Pest Control – the leading provider of pest control in Vancouver – has you covered. From ant extermination to wasp nest removal and rodent control in Vancouver, the experts at Seaside have seen it all. Every home is different, but many of our recommended techniques are the same. Read on to learn a bit more about common Vancouver pests and how to deal with them.

Common Summertime Pests

Warming temperatures can bring out many different types of pests, and it is in your best interest to keep a watchful eye out for all of them so a small Vancouver pest control problem doesn’t get out of hand. Ants, of course, are a common summertime nuisance and ant control can be a real challenge if you don’t catch them early. As soon as you notice ants in your home, set up ant traps to eliminate these pests before they start to form a colony.

Similarly, wasp control in the summertime is imperative and one of the best ways to stay on top of these pesky insects is by thorough wasp nest removal as you notice them developing. Even better, if you notice wasps swarming around your home, closing off access points and identifying potential nest sites is a must.

Finally, rodents are common summertime pests and perhaps the least welcome visitors of all. Keeping a clean and clutter-free house is a good way to keep rodents out, but if it is too late there are a myriad of different traps you can utilize to eliminate the problem.



Other Vancouver Pest Control Tips

While every home and situation is different, there are some general tips and guidelines that can help you keep pests out of your home. First, inspect your home on a regular basis for signs of ants, wasps, rodents, cockroaches, etc. Any cracks in the walls or openings around windows or doors can be superhighways for these tiny critters and should be addressed immediately.

Additionally, pests are attracted to clutter and food scraps so keeping a clean home will pay dividends in keeping pests away from your living space. Something as simple as storing food in sealed containers will have a major effect on the number of pests drawn to your home.

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Whether you need help with ant control, wasp control, or rodent control in Vancouver, Seaside Pest Control is here for you. No pest problem is too large or too small for our expert team, and we love nothing more than winning our clients’ homes back from these uninvited summertime visitors. Whether you think you may have a pest problem or are living in a full-blown infestation, give the professionals at Seaside Pest Control a call today!

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