In many ways summer in Vancouver is the worst season for pests, and as a leading Vancouver exterminator, we can speak from experience. Our Vancouver local pest control calls become more frequent in the summertime, and wasp control is high on the list of pests that most often require a professional. If you catch a wasp problem early, wasp removal and wasp nest removal can be managed yourself. However, these insects are particularly nasty and if you have any doubts about your wasp removal and wasp control capabilities give the Vancouver-based exterminator team at Seaside Pest Control a call.

Below are some good indicators that it may be time to contact your leaders in Vancouver pest control.

Chewed Up Trees and Wood

If you suddenly notice an increase of holes in nearby wooden structures or trees, this could be an early sign that wasps are actively building a nest. Wasps use bark from trees and other wood to create a home for their queen to, you guessed it, produce more wasps! Certainly, chewed up wood could be the marker of other pests as well. Depending on your personal comfort level, this may be enough to motivate you to call in a Vancouver exterminator. Whether you have wasps, termites, or something else professional exterminators are sure to help.

Wasps Nests

Perhaps you missed the signs of chewed up wood, but you notice a paper nest with a honeycomb pattern. Now is the time to call in the wasp nest removal experts. Wasps are aggressive and will sting if threatened. Worse, they can sting multiple times unlike many bees and hornets. If you notice a wasp nest, leave it to the professionals to handle your wasp nest removal needs.

Bee removal

Active Wasps

Once wasps have established a nest, it is common to see them swarming nearby at all hours of the day – a surefire sign to call in a wasp control expert. While there are a lot of insects that appear similar to wasps, you can distinguish by the dangling legs in flight, a segmented body, and generally less aggressive than hornets. That said, any swarming insects around your home or workplace should be motivation enough to call in the experts. Wasps are certainly a major nuisance and can cause serious harm, but any insect infestation is worth addressing sooner rather than later.

The team at Seaside Pest Control has decades of experience in the extermination business, no matter the nuisance. We offer a wide variety of services covering all types of issues and infestations and always work with our clients to provide a solution catered to their specific needs. If you have an active pest problem – wasp or otherwise – give Seaside Pest Control a call today!

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