As the bustling city of Vancouver continues to grow, it has become one of the fastest-growing cities in the province, closely following Surrey and Burnaby.

However, rapid urbanization often brings along an unwelcome guest—pests. Vancouver, like other cities in the Greater Vancouver area, is no exception and faces its fair share of pest problems. In this post, we will delve into the costs associated with pest control in Vancouver and highlight the benefits of hiring professionals to combat infestations effectively.

Understanding the Costs of Pest Control in Vancouver:

The cost of pest control services in Vancouver varies depending on the type of pests and the size of the property being treated. Whether you are dealing with a small apartment or a larger house, the expenses associated with pest control services can differ significantly. Here are estimated price ranges for common pest control services in Vancouver:

Rat Control Service (Three Visits Included):

A comprehensive rat control service consisting of three visits typically costs between $395 and $495. This can also vary depending on the size of your home. Treating a 1 bedroom apartment will have a much different cost compared to a 3-story 4500 sqft home.

Mice Control Treatments:

Mice control treatments in Vancouver are available and include three visits, with prices ranging from $350 to $495 depending on your home size, infestation size and work required by a technician.

Insect and Ant Control Treatment:

The cost of treating insects and ants can vary based on the size of your home and the specific areas that require spraying. Typically, initial treatment with a follow-up session can range from $350 to $475.

Wasp Nest Removal:

For the removal of a wasp nest in Vancouver, the cost usually falls within the range of $195 to $395 depending on difficulty.

Carpenter Ant Treatment:

Carpenter ant treatments may incur higher costs due to the exceptional work required to address nests within wall voids or building foundations as carpenter ants can cause significant structural damage to homes and buildings by excavating wood to create nests.

Additionally, carpenter ants are known for establishing large colonies, making their eradication more challenging and time-consuming, thus contributing to the higher cost of treatment. The price range for such treatments can vary a lot depending on your infestation size and square footage of the area being treated but is typically between $950 and $2950.

Should I Pay for Pest Control Services or Do It Myself?

Investing in professional pest control services brings several advantages. Professionals possess the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle pest issues quickly, safely, and efficiently. While it may take weeks of trial and error to resolve a pest problem through do-it-yourself approaches, professionals can provide immediate relief. Additionally, for more serious infestations like carpenter ants, professionals excel in locating and treating hidden nests.

Furthermore, you have to ask yourself what are the consequences if you don’t act right away. Rats, for example, can cause extensive damage to your insulation, electrical wiring, and other materials in your home. Dealing with such challenges independently can be stressful and long, making professional assistance highly valuable and efficient.

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If you require pest control services in Vancouver, Seaside Pest Control is here to help you eradicate pests effectively. We offer convenient options for obtaining a quote, including talking to a sales representative on the phone, direct chat thru our website or submitting an online form and having one of our representatives call you back usually on the same day or the next.

When you reach out to us, we will gather information about the severity of the issue, the size of your property, and any additional pest concerns to provide you with an accurate quotation. Connect with one of our pest control experts today to receive a personalized quote and protect your home from infestations.

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