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Discover Bed Bugs in Your Home or Business?

These elusive pests are adept at hiding, making it challenging to detect an infestation early on. Seaside Pest Control, offers an innovative solution to this challenge – K9 bed bug detection.

The Importance Of Early Detection

The success and efficiency of a bed bug treatment depend heavily on early detection. If bed bugs go unnoticed during their early stages, they can rapidly multiply and spread throughout your property, leading to increased eradication costs and the likelihood of customer interactions. Our K9 bed bug detection service is designed to be the first line of defense, ensuring no hiding spot is left unchecked.

Seaside Pest Control Methods for Detecting Bed Bugs

Routine Bed Bug Detection

Proactively identify bed bugs on a monthly, or quarterly basis. Suitable for various properties, including hotels, offices, theaters, and modes of transportation.

On Call Bed Bug Inspections

Faster, more efficient, and cost-effective than human counterparts. Ideal for confirming suspected bed bug sightings without the need for a technician.

Instant Detection and Treatment

Immediate response for bed bug confirmation. K9 alerts to infested areas, followed by quarantine and treatment by Seaside Pest Control technicians.

Proactive Detection Preventative Treatment

Long-term reassurance with a proactive approach to bed bug detection. K9 inspection confirms bed bug activity, leading to a full treatment by Seaside Pest Control.

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The Seaside Difference

K9's in Action
We offer specially trained bed bug detection dogs are instrumental in identifying bed bug hiding places with remarkable accuracy. Leveraging their keen sense of smell, these dogs can detect live bed bugs and bed bug eggs, differentiating between live and dead bed bugs.
The Method
The K9 team meticulously sweeps through designated areas using the trained bed bug detection dog. The dog sniffs in every conceivable space where bed bugs could be hiding, and upon detecting a bed bug scent, alerts the team. The team member then conducts a visual inspection to confirm the findings.
Comprehensive Reporting
After a thorough K9 inspection, you will receive a detailed snapshot report outlining the findings. This report provides a comprehensive overview of which areas contain bed bugs and the extent of the infestation.
Treatment Effectiveness
Unlike human pest control specialists, our bed bug dogs can verify the success of a treatment with unparalleled accuracy. They only alert to the presence of live bed bugs, making them a reliable tool for confirming the efficacy of previous treatments.
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