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Indian Meal Moths: Common Pest Problems

Common Problems in Surrey, Delta & Langley

Indian Meal Moths are a common pantry pest, damaging products such as cereal, flour, dried fruits and other stored grains. They are reddish-brown to light grey in colour and between 2.5mm-10mm long. The larvae are a darker brown or black colour with a light brown head.

They will also attack birdseed and pet food. Indian Meal Moths remain in their larval stage for the entirety of their lives, so eradication is extremely difficult. If you suspect an infestation in your home or businesscontact the office today.

Indian Meal Moths pester those who have stored their grains, nuts, seeds and even dried fruits in pantries. Since these moths can cause serious damage to the items in your pantry, it is important you employ an Indian Meal Moth Pest Control Plan immediately. At Seaside Pest Control, we have handled cases just like yours and we have helped many businesses and homeowners in SurreyDeltaLangley and nearby cities in BC solve their problems.
These pests also can invade homes by flying in through doors and windows, especially in the fall when they are looking for a place to spend the winter. These moths, like most household pests, hate stinky smells.

Destroying an infestation of Indian Meal Moths is no easy task. The food is present everywhere in your home, in all of its best hiding places. You have to be able to find them and kill them. So many times people try to control the Indian Meal Moths with a spray, only to find themselves unsuccessful because they weren’t using the correct bait. They didn’t know that you need more than just a good spray – you need a professional grade concentrate as well.

Dried pet food is a particularly attractive food source for moths. A large portion of stored product pests are insects that are relevant to the pet food category and moth pests are no exception. Even with conservative forecasts, the amount of pet food produced in Canada is expected to increase by more than 8% over the next three years.

Your home is important to you, so why not make sure it’s in tip-top shape? Our trained professionals can help protect your home against pests.

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