Homeownership is accompanied by seemingly endless projects and improvements, some more fun than others. One critical, albeit not the most fun, component of transforming a house into a home is ensuring that it is and remains pest free. The experts at local pest control company Seaside Pest Control have you covered. As the leading Vancouver exterminator providing the full array of pest control services, there is nothing we haven’t seen. However, there are a few things you can do proactively – before even purchasing a home – to help guarantee it is pest free and avoid needing to call a local pest control company in the first place. Below are our top seven bits of advice.

Have Standing Water Removed

Standing water is a big red flag when it comes to pest control. Stagnant pools of water are breeding grounds for all types of insects and should be taken care of immediately. They can pose a problem both outdoors and indoors, so be sure to check windowsills, basements, crawl spaces, and gutters!

Check Your Yard

Obviously, most pests come from the outdoors, so it is critical to closely examine the yard before purchasing your home. Look for overgrown shrubs and trees, any signs of nests or dens, and signs of rodents. If you notice something, call a Vancouver exterminator to have them removed.

Have the Yard Taken Care Of

Having a trim and tidy lawn is a great way to keep pests at bay and avoid having to hire pest control services. Generally speaking, the messier and more cluttered the yard, the more pests will call it home.


Similar to keeping your yard neat and tidy, decluttering is critical to keeping pests out of your space. Old furniture and accumulated junk create perfect environments for insects and rodents to call home, and it is critical to have this sort of thing removed before moving into a new home.

Have Your Soil Tested

Soil testing is a great way to identify what types of creatures are calling your yard home, especially if you have identified signs of pests already. Knowing what types of pests are in your yard can help you decide how best to deal with them before moving in.

Have Entry Points Sealed

Pests belong outdoors, and, in most cases, it is fine if they live outdoors. The real problems arise when those pests find their way indoors. Having entry points sealed is the best defence you have against insects and rodents from the outdoors. Before purchasing a home, make sure all cracks, holes, and openings – especially in and around the foundation – are fully sealed, and there are no ways for critters to find their way indoors.

Call a Local Pest Control Company

Lastly, if you are unsure about the current pest situation at your potential new home, call a Vancouver exterminator or pest control company to take a look for you. No one knows home inspections or pest control like the experts, and if you have any doubts, turn to the pros.

The experts at Seaside Pest Control have decades of combined experience dealing with nuisances of all shapes and sizes. No project is too large or too small for the team at Seaside, and you will be hard-pressed to find a more affordable, efficient, or safe way to ensure your home remains pest free!

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