Bed Bug Infestation

As children, your parents may have sent you to bed with an old joke: “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!”

However, if you’ve ever encountered bed bugs – or even just know someone who has – you know that this joke is far from funny. These tiny horrors are substantial pests. If they’re in your home, you want to get them out as fast as you can.

While your safest bet is to hire a professional exterminator for your infestation, there are some short-term measures you can take to alleviate this problem.

Yes, You Can Trap Them!

A variety of traps are available, using either active or passive means to ensnare unsuspecting bed bugs. Interceptors and glue traps are typically placed around the critters’ high-traffic areas, such as bed legs. Other types emit CO2 and pheromones, luring the bugs into inescapable containers.

If you have pets, be cautious about using baited active traps that might appeal to your furry friends. The last thing you want to do is poison your cat or dog. It’s also unwise to add pesticides to your traps. This step is unlikely to increase their potency. And, since you’re probably placing the traps in your bedrooms, you really don’t want to breathe in those toxins as you sleep.

But Are the Traps Actually Effective?

Traps serve as an excellent alert system. When the pests start showing up in your traps, you’ll know that you have a bigger issue to address. What’s more, the number of insects you trap will give you an indication of just how bad your infestation is.

The effectiveness of these traps really depends on the quality of what you purchase. Do your research before you buy. Read previous customer reviews and consult professional exterminators, to see what they recommend. You’re not saving anything if you opt for a poor-quality product.

That Said, Don’t Be Content with Traps

The reality is that bed bug traps will not put an end to an infestation. They will certainly thin the population and eliminate some of the pests. However, if you’re catching bugs in the traps, there’s a good chance that others are already living in your mattress. Worse, they’ve probably laid eggs, which means a whole new batch are fixing to arrive on the scene.

For peace of mind, call a professional exterminator. They can safely address eggs and other hidden pests that elude your traps. Their expertise and experience equip them to deal with your problem and enforce precautions against future reinfestations.

Call Seaside Pest Control

If you’ve discovered bed bugs in your home, or suspect they might be present, reach out to Seaside Pest Control today. We’re proud to serve Metro Vancouver with our extensive training and experience with local pests. Let us rid your home of bed bugs so you can rest easy. We’ll make sure that your sleep is not interrupted by these little monsters.

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