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Ant Identification & Prevention

What Are Ants?

Ants are one of the most common insects comprising more than 10,000 species worldwide. Ants are social insects, living and working towards one common goal: the success of the colony. Each colony has at least one queen whose sole purpose is to produce. The other ants earn their titles as worker ants servicing the colony in every way possible.

Here in BC, the most common ant we encounter is the Carpenter ant. Carpenter ants are typically black in colour and large in size – at least for an ant. Our wet climate hosts the perfect conditions for these ants as they are attracted to moist and decaying wood. However, Carpenter ants won’t only take up shelter in rotted down, such as decaying homes. They are very comfortable nesting in any moist wood, putting homes in Vancouver and surrounding BC areas at risk. Seaside Pest Control provides ant extermination to disarm this risk as soon as possible!

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Are Ants Dangerous?

Carpenter ants may bite and if they do, it does hurt. That being said, the major source of pain from ants is your bank account if an infestation is left unmanaged. Carpenter ants pose more risks to our homes and finances than to our health. Carpenter ants cause destruction similar to termites. Although they do not eat wood, they burrow through it and nest causing tremendous structural damage. This poses a threat to the integrity of the structure of any home. This means if left untreated, the homes could fall to the ground completely. The damage, often not detected until too late, can be incredibly expensive to repair.

As a health concern, it is unhygienic to have ants running amok in our homes. We disinfect surfaces and wash our hands to prevent the spread of bacteria. Ants undo our practice of safe hygiene by forging in our food and leaving behind their excrements.

Why Do I Have an Ant Problem?

Ants are attracted to moisture and food. Most homes have both. Common problems like a leaky roof or even a leaky dishwasher draw Carpenter ants in. It’s easy for ants to nest in our backyards too when wood and compost are abounding. Carpenter ants eat insects, sugary foods, and nectar from plants. Carpenter ants shouldn’t have the privilege of parading around your garden or living rent-free in your home. Have Seaside Pest Control intervene!

Where Will I Find Ants?

Any wood that has been damaged by water is prime real estate for Carpenter ants. Outside, you may find Carpenter ants in tree stumps or woodpiles. Inside, you may find them where moisture levels are high like in the bathroom. Carpenter ants may burrow underneath floors, above ceilings, or most definitely inside of structural walls themselves. A tell-tale sign of a Carpenter ant infestation is the presence of a mounting pile of wood shavings underneath a wooden surface. Have one of our pest control technicians do an inspection.

How Do I Get Rid of Ants?

The best practice is to hire a professional like Seaside Pest Control. We specialize in ant control services. Where there is one ant, there is another and the last thing you want is to leave an infestation uncontrolled. One colony of Carpenter ants can produce at least 2000 workers. Because Carpenter ants nest inside of hard-to-reach places like the interior of walls, their extermination requires a trained professional to locate the parent nest as well as their satellite nest to spray.

How Can I Prevent Ants in the Future?

Recognize the signs of infestation, identify the type of ant, and stop food sources. Seal cracks and other entry points in your home.

If you are worried that you have missed something or have seen ants inside your house, give us a call at Seaside Pest Control and we will send over one of our trained technicians to provide you with peace of mind and if necessary eradicate any ant problem you may have.

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