The changing seasons can be an exciting time for many reasons, and many common household pests think the same. Both fall and spring are often accompanied by an uptick in pest problems, often making these the busiest seasons for local pest control in Vancouver. As a leader in Vancouver pest control, Seaside Pest Control is always here to help, no matter the time of year. Rodents, wasps, ants, and insects start to move in the springtime again, and any good Vancouver exterminator will tell you that prevention is key when it comes to keeping pests out of your home. Below are a few top tips when it comes to proactive pest control, coming from the leaders in pest control in Vancouver.

Identify and Repair Entry Points

One of the most effective ways to avoid having to call a Vancouver exterminator is by preventing pests from entering your home in the first place. As the snow starts to melt and the spring dries up, check the outside of your building for any damage incurred during the winter season. Holes in your roof or walls exposed air vents, and open spaces between windows can all be access points for everything from ants to small rodents. Fixing these holes is a surefire way to reduce calls to local pest control in Vancouver.

Spring Cleaning

If you haven’t kept up with cleaning throughout the winter, now is the time! There is much more to spring cleaning than just making your home shine. Pests of all species thrive in cluttered environments and can build nests out of unkempt debris. Further, leaky pipes will create moist environments that are also attractive to many bothersome beings. Give your house a full deep clean each spring and get ahead of any major pest problems that could be developing.

Clean up Spills and Smells

Ultimately, all pests are looking for shelter and food. By eliminating any tasty smells and being proactive about spills and garbage, you can reduce the risk of developing a pest problem. Take out your trash before it overflows. Avoid letting spills sit out on floors or countertops. Manage what types of food you leave exposed in unsealed containers.

A little effort goes a long way when trying to create and maintain a pest-free house. As we move closer to springtime and more and more critters come to life for the warmer months, take some time to make sure your building is as pest-proof as can be. Of course, if you encounter a pest problem, you know who to call. For the best pest control in Vancouver, look no further than Seaside Pest Control. From a small nuisance to a major infestation, our team is always here to help.

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