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Rodents in Your Attic? Here’s What You Can Do about It

What You Do About Rodents in the Attic

The sound of scurrying and rustling coming from the attic can be very unnerving for a homeowner in Vancouver (or pretty much anywhere); it seems to echo through the empty space and bounce off the walls, creating an eerie noise. This can be especially alarming if you live alone, as there isn’t anyone else in the house to turn to for reassurance or assistance. Even if you don’t live alone, it can be difficult to know what is causing the sound and whether it poses a threat. It’s quite common for people to be worried about bats, rodents, or other pests living in their attics.

If you suspect that your home is infested, you should carry out a thorough investigation. This could start by examining whether any noticeable signs of rodents have taken up residence beneath your roof. If a family of mice or rats has invaded your home, this can often be accompanied by strange noises, particularly at nighttime.

Mice and Rats

Although mice can and do live in attics, it is not common. Mice prefer to stay closer to humans, as we are closer to a source of food. Mice are also smaller than rats, allowing them to occupy smaller spaces, and are so quiet you don’t notice them unless you’re looking for them. But it can be difficult to tell the difference. Are you looking at a big mouse or a small rat?

The common roof rat, also known as the black rat or ship rat, is a species of rat that is most likely to be found in attics. Roof rats are adept climbers and can easily scale walls, trees, and roofs to gain access to an attic or other high-up spaces. The roof rat has a slim body with a pointed snout, large ears and a long tail that is usually longer than its head plus body combined. They range in colour from grayish-brown or black and can reach up 4-7 inches at adulthood. These rodents have an omnivorous diet which consists mostly of fruits, nuts and seeds but may include insects such as cockroaches and small vertebrates like mice or birds.

Rats love Vancouver, which is regarded as the “rattiest city in Canada” for three years in a row! Reports have indicated that an alarming one-third of all households across Vancouver and its surrounding areas have been affected by mice or rats. That’s why it’s so important to protect your home and property from these pesky critters.

The Attic

Rodents such as mice or rats have a tendency towards nesting in dark, damp, and warm places. Roofs offer the perfect habitat for them.

Rats, in particular, prefer to nest in elevated areas like attics since it provides easy access to food sources, shelter from the elements and protection from predators. Also, attics are warm places that provide protection from the elements. Also, insulation is ideal for nesting material.

Good Riddance, Rodents!

Rodents have been household pests for centuries, and it’s no surprise that they can be hard to get rid of. Without proper preventative measures, their numbers can quickly grow into what feels like an infestation. The problem is, these pests don’t just come in and stay in the same spot; they live off of your resources, reproduce quickly, and spread themselves throughout the home. And unless you take the necessary steps to address the issue, they’ll keep breeding and having generations after generations of babies under your roof.

The task of ridding your home of rats requires patience. It is not enough to eliminate them once. As rodents return to the same place, it is important to address the issue from the outside and screen off all openings from the eves into the attic. Rats can slip through a ½-inch hole and mice a 1/4-inch hole.

Seaside Pest Control Rids You of Rodents in Vancouver

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