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Common Holiday Pests & How to Deal with Them

The holiday season is upon us, and your family members aren’t the only ones who look forward to this time of year. With an increase in open doors, big feasts, clutter, and cooler temperatures the holidays also happen to be a favourite time of year for many household pests. To best keep your home under control and avoid any significant infestation this holiday season, it is critical to understand where common holiday pests may be coming from and how to prevent them from getting too comfortable. Of course, if you’d like more advice from the experts or already have a situation on your hands give the top Vancouver exterminator and leading local pest control team a call. Whether you seek Vancouver rodent control, mice control, or have a bed bug or insect pest control problem you just can’t get ahead of, Seaside Pest Control is here for you.


For many families, big meals go hand in hand with the holidays and for many pests big meals are a great opportunity to pick up some crumbs. To avoid having to call Vancouver pest control this holiday season, be extra diligent around meal times, especially in regard to food waste. Avoid letting food sit out, dishes go unwashed, and rubbish bins overflow. Instead, be proactive and take care of these seemingly little messes before they cause much larger issues. It’s a simple equation. The less excess food available to pests of all kinds, the less likely you will need to hire a Vancouver exterminator to deal with a holiday pest problem.

Christmas Trees

If you plan on cutting down a real tree for Christmas, the local pest control experts at Seaside Pest Control recommend taking a few extra steps. After you think you have found the perfect tree, conduct a quick check for infestation. Nests, webs, and discarded exoskeletons could all indicate that your tree is home to insects. Insects that have gone dormant for the wintertime may awaken when exposed to the heat of your home.

After you have examined your tree for signs of infestation and have cut it down, we recommend shaking and brushing it off in order to dislodge any remaining pests that could be hanging on. As you transport your tree home, hopefully, the flow of air will knock off the final resilient pests.

Boxes and Clutter

It is no secret that pests of all kinds gravitate toward areas of coverage and clutter. When it comes to Christmas decorations, throw the cardboard away. Instead, invest in plastic or Tupperware containers to keep pests from nesting in your decorations during the offseason. As boxes and packages begin to accumulate in your home, do your best to dispose of them as quickly as feasible. Cardboard is excellent insulation for insects, many of which can survive long periods of time without food. If possible, inspect shipped boxes outside of your home to prevent inviting pests inside.

The holidays are here, and everyone is excited – including our least favourite pests. At the first sign of infestation, give the local pest control leaders – Seaside Pest Control – a call. Few things are worse than letting a little inconvenience turn into a major pest problem. If you have more questions about how to avoid having to hire a Vancouver exterminator this holiday season, give the experts at Seaside Pest Control a call today!

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